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I’m a photo editor and love to chapter photo. I love my share chapter photo with my friend and my subscriber because they love my style and character. I always love funny moment and place, because I love to enjoy my life.

This my one of the favorite blog there has my photo editing tutorial. I have some student who loves my video tutorials. A new people can follow this video to learn how to editing photo and video. My another favorite thing is to learn and then teach.

1st I learn new topic then I try to give out my student. This is I post different adobe photoshop tutorial but photoshop version is different Photoshop CS3 one of the version. I post here photoshop tutorials weekly basis some time it missing because I have another job.

I give here permission to post other people, but they should follow article posting rule. I do not accept any adult content and marketing content. Because this is no profit website just personal blog, who love to post something to new. You can contact me for more information.