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How to Change Apple color of any object in Photoshop CS3 – 2017

This video I try to show how to change apple photo color

For this reason, I use Photoshop photo editing software version CS3, which is very popular software but this old version latest is CS6 or CC. You want to get photoshop 7.0 you can find here. Photoshop 7.0 is professional software most photo designer love this version. But I use photoshop cs3 because there has special effect filter in the building.

I take a photo from the internet by google searching you can take this from another source. This software is a portable version not need to install if you want this software link you should contact me.

If you watch this video you can change any color in your object very few click. When you want to edit any photo you should create a new page to setup perfect regulation 300 px is the best.

You can find you here my another video tutorial REMOVE SCARS ON FACE IN PHOTOSHOP CS3, there I show easily to remove ou scars in the face by Photoshop software. People question me how to remove scars from the face for this reason I try to make a video tutorial.

If you want to start photo editing you open your photo in your Photoshop software and create duplicate layer or photo then you should start photo editing because some time needs to undo and restart.