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How to remove scars on face in photoshop CS3

This video I want to show how to remove scars form face by using photoshop application.In this video I use the application of photoshop cs3. It is an old version of photoshop if you want you can use the latest version of Photoshop CS6 or CC.

This photo was taken from the Internet by the Google searching. you can take this from another source. If you watch this video you can see I have used different tools for removing the scarce from the woman face.

Firstly I entered the woman pictured in the application of photoshop then i open it further then i set the regulation 300 px for getting the best picture. I change the lip color for the adjustment of the picture color.

There I use the pen tool for selecting the woman lip then it was colored by its own matching. I highlight the lip by using stamp tool.Then I remove the scars by using the stamp tool.That’s it.